I'm Anna. I've been a Registered Nurse for over ten years and I'm a NY State Board-Certified Integrative Nurse Coach (aka health and wellness coach) with additional certifications in Meditation, Guided Imagery, Reiki, and Akashic Records. And I'm in love with crystals! I use all of this knowledge and experience for my own healing and to enlighten and motivate others. I believe honoring and accepting yourself is the way to healing. Connecting to inner guidance is the only sane way. Personal and spiritual development is always on my mind and how I view the world.

After working in the hospital setting for about eight years, I came to realize it wasn't the lifestyle for me.  I was exhausted, stressed, anxious, eating poorly, irritable, in physical pain, and disconnected from myself. I believe optimal health and wellness is achieved through self-care, i.e. eating well, hydration, sleeping, mindfulness, rest, good support systems, spiritual pursuit, and stress relieving practices.  Your well-being can only be defined by you.